Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Ahoy, Nauti Fam! Chia seeds—a small but mighty superfood topping! These small seeds are packed with nutritional benefits that help to make our bowls even more nutritious and help to maintain your healthy diet. BENEFITS OF CHIA SEEDS High in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, chia seeds have been linked to improving […]

What Even is Acai?

What Even is Acai? Ahoy, Nauti Fam! Firstly, let’s pronounce this word together. Ah-sigh-ee. Perfect! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what açaí is.Acai, though it resembles the blueberry, tastes naturally more bitter – like a combination of cacao and blackberry. However, acai is actually not officially a berry […]

The Mural Wall

The Mural Wall Ahoy, Nauti Fam! If you’ve ever been into one of our locations, we’re willing to bet you’ve laid eyes on our larger-than-life mural wall…it’s kind of hard to miss. This eye- catching piece fully encompasses the Minnesota summer lake life vibes that we love so much! Did you know this mural was […]