Where can I learn more about franchise opportunities?
Are your ingredients gluten-free?
Is Nautical Bowls a meal or a dessert?
Our bowls are a well rounded, healthy meal! Sorbet is the term used to describe the consistency of the fruits blended together- it is not ice cream. You can however choose Nautical Bowls as a guilt-free substitute to your dessert craving.
Are your ingredients dairy-free?
Are your ingredients plant-based?
Yes- aside from honey!
Are your ingredients organic?
Where does your acai come from?
Where do your ingredients come from?
We source high-quality, fresh ingredients from around the world, straight to your bowl!
What is blue majik?
Pineapple, mango, & spirulina
What is pitaya?
Dragon Fruit! Ours comes straight from Nicaragua!
Are you guys keto friendly?
Our bowls are made up of fruit and fruit contains natural sugars, so we are not.
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