We know it is difficult to find a quick meal without compromising your healthy lifestyle. At Nautical Bowls we combine healthy, fresh superfood bowls and an uplifting atmosphere- giving you energy to live a full life!

About Our Ingredients

Our ingredients are organic, gluten free, dairy free, plant-based, and packed with essential vitamins & nutrients to fuel your life! We truly value a healthy & active lifestyle, which means we will always provide our guests with ingredients that will FUEL your right, to FEEL right!

A Note From Our Founders

We started Nautical Bowls because we wanted to have freedom of time with our family and to make a grand impact on others at the same time! We also asked ourselves, “what can we start that would mean we never have to wear anything but athletic attire?!” We value a healthy lifestyle, which means not only healthy fuel and tennis shoes, but importantly, healthy relationships.

Franchising Nautical Bowls was a no brainer, as it means we get the opportunity to award other individuals this freedom of time we value so highly. We work really hard and we have a lot of fun bringing others along for the ride. As we franchise, we are meeting incredible people. Individuals who have a heart for making a difference, for providing the best for their families, for an active and well rounded lifestyle, and for living life to the utmost fullest. Our goal is 1,000 locations- learn more below if you are interested in becoming the Captain of your career and more importantly, your time!

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