Order Online

Everything You Need to Know to Order Online!

Thank you for your continued support & we are so happy you are prioritizing your health with superfood fuel at Nautical Bowls! Hopefully this helps make your online ordering experience easy, breezy!



You can order online at both of our locations- Minnetonka and Eden Prairie! Please walk up to the counter underneath the “Online Pick-Up” sign & our team will grab you order.



Your order will be ready at the pick up time you selected!


Wait Time

There is a 15 minute minimum wait time for your order-  the wait time is there to help us effectively manage all online orders.



If you want confirmation that your order was received, please check your email!


Rewards Program

You still receive your anchors through our loyalty program for online orders! Your summary will show at the bottom of your receipt. You may also check your status on our “Rewards” tab above.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are redeemable for online orders! You may purchase yours here.



Your drizzles are indeed on your bowl- they are under the granola otherwise they would stick to your lid


My Bowl is Not Full

We have staff triple checking that all orders are made full, to the lid! What is likely happening is that by the time you got home, your sorbet has melted a little bit, which means it has lost a lot of the air particles that keeps it fluffy, yet frozen.

Pro tip: bring a small cooler with ice if you have a long drive!


My Coconut Butter is Frozen

Coconut butter is solid at room temperature, so we warm the butter at our store, in order to drizzle it onto your bowl! The drizzle hardens to our frozen sorbet, as hot fudge would harden to ice cream. Still tastes great, it’s just science we can’t control for pick-up orders! For in store orders, your drizzle will be fresh and warm the moment you receive that Nauti Bowl in your hand!