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What Do We Mean?

We are passionate about living life to the utmost fullest & for our team, that means our bodies are energetic & functioning optimally, the way they were designed to! “You are what you eat” rings true around here- when you eat Nautical Bowls, you are being filled with a powerful thing called antioxidants. These antioxidants go to work in your body, getting rid of whatever bad toxins are clouding you. Toxins not only come from our food- they are everywhere in the world around us. Eating healthy is one piece to the healthy journey! A few things we find equally important to your overall health, along with the fuel going into your body, are your relationships, your emotions, your exercise, & how you decide to manage all of these external stresses of life!

At Nautical Bowls, we like to take care of the food piece of this health journey for you! We also care about educating and inspiring you to take steps to live your best life.

Our entire menu is what we like to call, “guilt free”- aka, you can devour everything we offer & be set up for success!

Natural Sugars, YES!

Refined Sugars, No Thanks!

ZERO of our ingredients contain refined sugars because we aren’t fans of what refined sugars do to our bodies! We don’t see any good coming out of refined sugars going into our diet- it might taste great at first but guaranteed, you are left sluggish, heavy, & foggy afterwards. Because of this, Nautical Bowls loads your bowl with real, fresh, & quality ingredients- we leave the junk out, so you can also work on ridding the junk from your life!
“After that first bite, rest assured, you can believe it when we say our Nauti Bowls are ACTUALLY good for you!”
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