Frequently Asked Questions by our Nauti Customers!
Are you a meal or dessert?

Our bowls are a full, healthy meal! Sorbet is the term used to describe the consistency of the fruits blended together. You can however, eat a bowl as a substitute to your dessert craving!

Are all ingredients gluten free?
Are all ingredients dairy free?
Do you have nut free options?

YES- the only ingredients with nuts are the chia pudding (almond milk), granola (almonds), slivered almonds, and peanut butter. All other ingredients are nut free

Are your ingredients organic?
What are the ingredients in the Acai sorbet?

Acai is blended with coconut and a small amount of organic coconut sugar, which is needed in order to maintain the sorbet consistency.

What are the ingredients in the Pitaya sorbet?

Pitaya is blended with pineapple and pineapple juice, and organic cane sugar, in order to maintain the sorbet consistency.

What are the ingredients in the Coconut w/ Activated Black Charcoal Sorbet?

Coconut with activated black charcoal is water, organic fiber, organic coconut cream, organic coconut nectar, and activated black charcoal powder. You cannot taste the black charcoal, so do not let that scare you away! It is simply there for your health benefit.

What are the ingredients in the Matcha Green Tea sorbet?

Matcha is organic matcha green tea, organic coconut nectar, and organic cane sugar

What are the ingredients in the Chia Pudding?

Chia Pudding is almond milk, chia seeds, and a small trace of honey, vanilla, and almond extract.

What are the calories in each size?

Calories for each bowl really depend on what you decide to top your bowl with! A general estimate (based off of sorbet and an average of the toppings) is as follows:

  • Dingy: 350 calories
  • Cruiser: 450 calories
  • Yacht: 550 calories
Are your products vegan?

Yes! Honey and Bee Pollen are the only ingredients that are not considered vegan.