Active Living

One of our core values is living an active & healthy lifestyle!

Fuel Your Body

Active Living

We want to help motivate you to fuel your body with superfoods at Nautical Bowls and also to move your body! We’ve created a Nautical Bowls run (walkers welcome) club to get moovin’ in community!

Natural Sugars, YES!

Refined Sugars, No Thanks!

ZERO of our ingredients contain refined sugars because we aren’t fans of what refined sugars do to our bodies! We don’t see any good coming out of refined sugars going into our diet- it might taste great at first but guaranteed, you are left sluggish, heavy, & foggy afterwards. Because of this, Nautical Bowls loads your bowl with real, fresh, & quality ingredients- we leave the junk out, so you can also work on ridding the junk from your life!

“After that first bite, rest assured, you can believe it when we say our Nauti Bowls are ACTUALLY good for you!”

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